Nifty250 Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was published Oct 5th, 2019.


Welcome to Nifty250 (“the company”, “Nifty250”, “we” or “us”). We have set up this Privacy Policy to assure you (“the user” or “customer”) that we take your privacy very seriously, and are committed to ensuring that any person, user or individual visiting our online service only, located at the registered domain name (“the website”), shall be subject to fair information practices and the protection of their respective privacy as best we can. We would like to make sure that the persons utilising our e-commerce products and services are old enough to understand them, and therefore require each user visiting our website to be over the age of eighteen (18) years. Please note that by accessing our website, you agree that you are of the required age and are therefore bound by our Terms and Conditions.
We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy at any time and your use of our website following any amendments will represent your agreement to be bound by Privacy Policy and its terms.

So what kind of information do we collect?
In order to properly provide our online service to you, we require and collect some basic personal information, like your full name, email address, physical address and contact number, as well as your credit or debit card processing details.
When signing into Instagram™, we collect your username and Instagram™ images.
We also utilize cookies, which are texts files that are stored on your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet or other) by a website’s server. Each cookie is unique to your web browser, and contains completely anonymous information such as a unique identifier and the website name. This allows a website to remember things like your personal preferences, products you prefer or what’s in your shopping basket.

We use Google analytics to better understand our customers and improve your experience on our website. Google analytics monitors demographic information including but not limited to Interests, Gender, Age, Device and operating system etc. 

Why do we collect this information?
All information is collected solely for the use of allowing us to successfully provide you with our website service. We do not sell or share any sensitive collected information to any third-parties.
Cookies enable us to: a) Improve the User's experience on our Website through various means such as storing preferences (like keeping a User logged in) or determining aggregate usage behavior (time on site, number of pages viewed etc.) through web analytics tools like Google Analytics. b) Provide more relevant Display Advertising to Users who have visited the Website, using third party tools such as the Google Analytics Remarketing.

What about security?
We assure you that we have gone as far as possible to secure your privacy when visiting our website and furthermore make use of SSL certificates to verify ourselves as a trust worthy merchant when making payments on our website.
Your personal information and privacy will be cared for with the utmost of respect, however by providing it to us, you accept that we are not liable for its misuse in the event of a breach in security relating to viruses, malware or a communications error on an electronic device.

Third-party websites and links to them?
Throughout our website you may find links (URL’s) to other third-party websites that may promote our company, and we do not guarantee any safety for the user or warrant any part of that particular websites Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions as they may appear. When navigating to a third-party website from a link located on our website, it is the user’s responsibility and sole risk.